Refund Policy

You can get a full refund within 14 days of your purchase if you haven’t activated your product yet. Once you activate your product – or let 14 days pass – you waive your right to a refund.

If you experience technical issues, we will help you fix them. Our products are stable across all platforms listed in the Compatibility Section  on each product page. Technical issues should not occur if you are on a supported system/DAW and are therefore not a legitimate claim for a refund. Instead, we offer comprehensive technical support to help all our customers install and run our plugins.

If you believe that you qualify for a refund, please email  with the following information: Your order number and the email address used when placing your order.

We process eligible refund requests within 72 hours and will issue the refund to the credit card/PayPal account you used when placing your order. You should allow for up to 5 business days for the refund to return to your account.